Animal Infected

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Animal Infected , ongoing
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Infections of a mental kind and the examination of the animalistic are the topics of the Zurich media art group ‹knowbotic research› in their most recent project ANIMAL INFECTED. The infection takes place subtly, for instance with an expres sion which is presented to the onlooker in an almost hypnotic fashion. The in fection is then maybe only a tiny, subliminally performed action by the spectator.

The infection is to take place in a protected room, but then continued in public. ANIMAL INFECTED is after MAC GHILLIE already the second project destined for urban space. The previous project centered on a camouflage dress for hunters, which a spectator could borrow and investigate spaces wearing it. Both projects blur the boundaries between actor and audience. In ANIMAL INFECTED, however, the actor's identity is not altered with by external but by internal, mental means.
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