LPDT2: Telematic Embrace

Roy Ascott
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Roy Ascott

LPDT2: Telematic Embrace ,
Co-workers & Funding
LPDT2: Roy Ascott
Programming and Architecture: Selavy Oh
Architecture and Terrain: MosMax Hax (Max Moswitzer)
Avatars and Soundscape: Alpha Auer, Alpho Fullstop and alpha.tribe (Elif Ayiter)
Avatar Animations: Frigg Ragu (Heidi Dahlsveen)
i-DAT: University of Plymouth, UK
Simulator Host: University of Applied Fine Arts, Vienna
LPDT2 was projected to Real Life throughout September 2010 in Incheon, South Korea during the Incheon International Digital Art Festival (INDAF) 2010 in Tomorrow City, Songdo.
  • LPDT2: Telematic Embrace
    1280 × 720
'LPDT2 : The Second Life of La Plissure du Texte' is the Second Life® incarnation of Roy Ascott's groundbreaking new media art work La Plissure du Texte ('The Pleating of the Text'), created in 1983 and exhibited at the Musee de l'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.
The title of the project, 'La Plissure du Texte: A Planetary Fairy Tale,' alludes to Roland Barthes's book 'Le Plaiser du Texte', a famous discourse on authorship, semantic layering, and the creative role of the reader as the writer of the text. As was also the case in its first incarnation 'distributed authorship', a term coined by Ascott, has been the primary subject of investigation of LPDT2.
Second in a series. Dialogue pleated by Mab MacMoragh from Roy Ascott's visionary 1990 essay 'Is There Love in the Telematic Embrace?'.
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