There is still time... Brother

Jeffrey Shaw

There is still time... Brother ,
Co-workers & Funding
Commissioned by EMPAC, the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute [USA].

Produced by EMPAC together with the UNSW iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research [AUS], and the ZKM | Institute for Visual Media [D] and in collaboration with The Wooster Group.
  • shaw there is still time
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  • shaw there is still time
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  • shaw there is still time
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There is still time… Brother is rooted in the recording of a Wooster Group performance developed specifically to be viewed as a projection on a 360-degree screen. The video is revealed by way of a window that scans around the screen, never showing the whole of the projection at once. The window is controlled by an audience member or other specially designated performer who selects which part of the 360 degree video to reveal at any given time. However, it is clear that the sections of the video that are revealed are all unfolding in one, continuous 360-degree space and that there is some kind of linear timeline to the sections of the performance that we are watching unfold.

This project challenges the notions of linear narrative in theater or film by creating a time-based theatrical experience that can be experienced in a new way each time it is “performed” by the individual controlling the interface which dictates that which we see and hear in the immersive space of spacialized sound and projection. The viewer is involved in an immersive process of discovery where their chosen point of view creates the dramaturgy of the piece and literally activates the story.
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