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Jeffrey Shaw

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Co-workers & Funding
Director and Writer: David Pledger
Interactive Cinema Concept and Installation Design: Jeffrey Shaw

Eavesdrop is assisted by the Confederation of Australian International Arts Festivals and presented in association with the Australian Centre for the Moving Image and the UNSW iCinema Centre for Interactive Cinema Research.
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Presented in a 360-degree purpose-built cinematic environment, 10 people forever repeat a certain 9 minutes of their lives. Exploring terrain that is at once spiritual, moral, ethical, psychological and physical, this ingeniously crafted artwork is driven by any member of the public who, as the free radical user-director, reveals the secrets embedded in the interconnected stories.

Through its operational interactivity, Eavesdrop opens up a continuum of possibility, potential and proposition. There are no full stops, no grand gestures. Only forward movement. The user's interaction with the material and the viewing audience creates a communal imagination of the actual and the virtual, a portal from what is to what might be.

Eavesdrop is a Rubik's cube of cinematic experience, a kind of jigsaw story-puzzle. Part game, part real-time film-making, part spectator sport, part magical realism, Eavesdrop will open up the user and the viewer to new ways of looking at old forms, progressive pathways to interactivity and an alternative mode of visual discourse.
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