Emotion Ringtones

Maurice Benayoun

Emotion Ringtones ,
Co-workers & Funding
With the support of de l’EESI (École Européenne Supérieure de l’Image), CITU, Le CUBE , ARCADI

Emotion Vending Machine - Maurice Benayoun, Jean-Baptiste Barrière (musical design) (France) Development: Evolutie (Brigit Lichtenegger), V2 Lab, Artem Baguinski, Paul Girard, Adrien Mazaud
Emotion Vending Machine looks like a beverage vending machine, where users can select a range of emotions, shaped as dynamic cards, updated in real-time with web data. Users select three from a list of nine emotions, such as “fear”, “joy” or “ecstasy”, and validate their choices. The machine, built around a search-engine application, browses the world network and displays the result in the shape of words representing the previously selected emotions, accompanied by sounds composed by Jean-Baptiste Barrière. Users can then connect their USB flash drive and collect their musical emotional cocktails, each of which is prepared in real-time and therefore unique. This new version of the Vending MAchine provides Ringtones that can be used on cellphones.
  • aesthetics
    • installation-based
    • real-time
  • genres
    • installations
      • interactive installations
  • subjects
    • Body and Psychology
      • emotion
    • Media and Communication
      • Internet
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