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Mirrors , ongoing
Co-workers & Funding
Mirrors‘ / rAndom International 2009 (S.Wood, F. Ortkrass, H. Koch)
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    500 × 668
Commissioned by Artwise Curators for REGUS HQ,
Berkeley Square, London / 2009
‘Mirrors’ in London’s Bruton Street is rAndom’s first permanent
installation in the UK and has been completed in early April 2009.
Evolving from the ‘Audience’ installation it aims to re-interpret the
meaning of the word ‘pixel’, in that it’s layout is not arranged in the
usual tight grid to display information in an orderly, flat array.
Here, the idea was to give each of the individual ‘pixels’ the
distinct freedom and capacity to move around in a threedimensional
space, and at their own discretion. Together the group
of 200 animated, head size mirrors will be creating a subtle,
continous flow of movement in the atrium of the building, spanning
two floors over 6 meters.
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      • interactive installations
Technology & Material
‚Mirrors‘ / rAndom International 2009 (S.Wood, F. Ortkrass, H. Koch)
Kinetic sculpture, 180 Perspex mirrors, aluminum structural grid,
stainless steel mounts, 300 servo motors, custom driver software,
Dim: 600cm by 150cm by 30cm
Site specific installation, Regus Plc, 21 Bruton St London (UK)
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