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    400 × 300
  • jorn ebner
    400 × 300
Venetian 3 is a 7" vinyl record multiple edition of 200 with 3 recordings, that use audio material recorded in Venice, Italy, 2009. The Field Recordings have been edited into short compositions that turn the ambient sounds of Venice into music.

To each of the industrially produced and packaged records (90gr extra thick vinyl in protective plastic sheet and cardboard cover) was added an individually hand-drawn cover element. Each item comes in a clear thick PVC sleeve and with a white circular sticker with signature, number and date at the back.
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For each purchase, 320 b/r mp3-versions will be sent on demand.

PRICE: €11, €13 within Europe / €17 outside Europe including postage
for queries, please inquire by email

Venetian 3 was conceived in conjunction with (L'ultimo turista), a browser work, and part of zentral-peripher.