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Find your own Universal Health

We are the only major pharma corporation to have emerged in the 21st century. We are corporate futurists. Our capabilities are unlimited. We are good. We and you and your health are one with the universe.
We provide the first customized wholistic health-system: open source medicine, health freeware, drug-consultants, home-healing-coaches & search-engine based treatments (Googlehealth). We offer self-diagnostics & self-treatment for problems of life and health. We replace the middleman by getting rid of doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, big pharma & labs. Help us help you. We show you the way into a healthy, free & happy future.
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We have selected a diverse range of people to take part in our surveys during the last months here at UGI, and we have found out a lot about the diseases and troubles that people just like you are having to deal with now and on a day to day basis.

Please note that this list of diseases is not final, we keep adding new syndromes - the more you input us, the better we can find out about your personal health needs. We welcome all new users to explore our forum which gives every user the opportunity to tell about personal health issues.