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    1539 × 1024
The Lagoglyphs are a series of artworks in different media in which Eduardo Kac creates a visual language and form of writing that he describes as "rabbitographic". The series references Kac's project GFP Bunny (2000)—also known as Alba, the green bunny—a genetically modified rabbit that glows fluorescent green under certain light conditions. The Lagoglyphs are pictograms, visual symbols composed of two units (one green, one black) that each represent the bunny and resist any assigned meaning.
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Lagoglyphs : The Lepus Constellation Suite (2009) explores the notion that certain life forms, such as a green rabbit, are "alien" to us. The project literally communicates a sign system to the "alien" other. The lagoglyphic "message" inscribed on each disk has been transmitted to the Lepus Constellation (the Gamma Leporis starbelow Orion) from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on March 13, 2009 via satellite broadcasting equipment and a parabolic dish antenna. Kac quite literally connects sign systems across the universe: the lagoglyphic rabbit meets the lepus (Latin for hare) constellation. The constellation is 29 light years away from Earth, which means that Kac's messages would arrive in the year 2038