Ryoji Ikeda

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Ryoji Ikeda is one of Japan’s most celebrated electronic composers. Since 1995 he has been making work that investigates the characteristics of sound, exploring frequencies and the fundamentals of data. He has collaborated with a diverse range of practitioners including the choreographer William Forsythe and the Frankfurt Ballet and the artist Hiroshi Sugimoto. Ikeda has presented his work internationally, including at the Pompidou Centre, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Nam June Paik Centre, Seoul.
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datamatics is an art project that explores the potential to perceive the invisible multi-substance of data that permeates our world. It is a series of experiments in various forms - audiovisual concerts, installations, publications and CD/DVD releases - that seek to materialise pure data. datamatics is the main part of the project and comprises two audiovisual concert pieces; C4I and datamatics. data.series consists of six installations - data.spectra, data.tron, data.tecture, data.scan, and data.gram. dataphonics is a music project focused on the relationship between sound of data and data of sound, and crosses various formats; multi-channel sound piece, radio program and audio/data research etc. Each piece will be published as book or released as CD/DVD.