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As I mentioned in a previous entry, I am working on an application to be presented at the V&A Decode exhibition opening in December. I was asked to rework the Solar piece so that it could be audio responsive in real-time.

During the development, I realized my usual habit of listening to music was not going to serve me well. As far as I know, the gallery will not be blasting The Knife throughout the space. I switched off the music and started making beep boop blah blah blah noises into the microphone but this got old, fast.

I put out a call on Twitter for podcast recommendations. A couple people were strongly in favor of WNYC’s Radiolab. I decided to give it a go and man… it is all I have listened to for the last three weeks. Im completely addicted.

I took a snippet from the episode entitled “Musical Language” which features a beautiful soundscape created by Jonah Lehrer. In the episode, Jonah and Robert Krulwich are analyzing the notion that sound is “touch, at a distance”.

Many thanks to Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich and the excellent Radiolab team for giving me so many hours of intelligent distraction.

Find out more about the podcast at:

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Also, Andrew just finished porting Memo Akten’s MSAFluid library which is a rather lovely 2D fluid simulator. I used it to create a couple videos which use MSAFluid and a particle engine. Particles are deposited into the fluid and cause the fluid to move. The moving fluid then influences the movement of the particles creating a feedback loop. It ended up creating some nice examples of self-sustaining turbulence.
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