The Artvertiser

Julian Oliver

The Artvertiser ,
Co-workers & Funding
Project leader: Julian
Computer programming: Julian and Damian
Binoculars V-1: Julian, Clara Boj and Diego Diaz
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The Artvertiser is an urban, hand-held Augmented Reality Improved Reality project that re-purposes street advertisements as a surface for exhibiting art. The project was initiated by Julian Oliver in February 2008 and is being developed in collaboration with Damian Stewart.

The Artvertiser considers Puerta del Sol Madrid, Times Square New York, Shibuya Tokyo and other sites dense with advertisements as potential exhibition space. An instrument of conversion and reclamation, The Artvertiser situates the 'read-only', proprietary imagery of our public spaces as a 'read-write' platform for the presentation of non-proprietary
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Technology & Material
Installation Requirements / Space
Product Re-Placement
The Artvertiser software is trained to recognise individual advertisements, each of which become a virtual 'canvas' on which an artist can exhibit images or video when viewed through the hand-held device.

After training, when ever the advertisement is exposed to the device, the chosen art will appear instead. It doesn't matter whether the advertisement is on a building, in a magazine or on the side of a vehicle.

If an internet connection is present at the site, the substitution can be immediately documented and published in on line galleries such as Flickr and YouTube, providing an alternative memory of the city.

While offering itself as a new platform for public art, The Artvertiser seeks to highlight the contradiction of Public Space in the context of what can and cannot be written on the surface of our cities.