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    200 × 150
Have fun creating your own weird and wonderful machines:
click & drag the centre of the component to change size & location. click the 'go' button to watch your machine's mechanics in action, leaving its own trail. click the 'build' button to create a different machine.
click & release the centre of the component to access the tool wheel.
click the 'save' button so the next user can access your machine.
click the 'load' button to see the last machine saved.
click & release a toggle to select an option. Drag toggle around the circle to change the components properties. Then click toggle again to set a property.
Sky-rail has been commissioned by the National Waterfront Museum, Swansea, project managed by Cywaith Cymru, Artworks Wales and supported by the National Centre of Computer Animation, Bournemouth University.
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Technology & Material

Sky-rail manifests as a biological timepiece built with the production values of early watchmakers whose skills were translated to the creation of automata, (mechanical lifeforms driven by cogs.) Here these intricacies of engineering are translated to the computer with the tiny cogs and chains replaced by computational mechanisms.
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