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New Chinese Snails
A Real Snail Mail™ live enclosure is on show in the exhibition Stadt am Rande at the Today Art Museum, Beijing. The new Chinese recruits Wang, Ming Mei, Cheung, Tao, Manchu, Sheng Li, Shu Fang, MIng Yue, Fei Yen & Genji are working for us from the 15th -28th August 2010.

Inspiring creative learning
We are using Real Snail Mail™ as a vehicle to enrich a school's curriculum. Educational workshops and lesson plans are being built around the RSM Educational kit to encourage creative interrogation of en-grained paradigms in an effort to promote innovative thinking regarding future technologies. The first pilot project is launching on the 19th February 2010 at the Gloria Fuertes Infant School located in Gijón, Asturias supported by Laboral Centro de Arte y Creatión Industrial, Gíjon, Spain
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Technology & Material
How it works
Our snails are equipped with a miniaturised electronic circuit and antenna, enabling them to be assigned messages. Your message is collected from a despatch centre at one end of their enclosure. Once associated with the tiny electronic chip on the snail's shell your message will be carried around until the snail chances by the drop off point. Here more hardware collects your message and forwards it to its final destination.
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