Double Helix Swing

Ursula Damm

Double Helix Swing ,
Co-workers & Funding
Concept: Ursula Damm
Programming: Christian Kessler
Sound: Yunchul Kim
  • ursula damm helix
    500 × 375
  • sula damm helix
    500 × 297
  • ursula damm helix
    500 × 375
  • ursula damm helix
    500 × 350
  • ursula damm helix
    500 × 353
double helix swing is an installation which investigates the swarms of midges that can be found on the banks of lakes and other bodies of water. Swarms of midges are intriguing entities: without any apparent logic theyform at irregular intervals along the bank: towers of midges flying in circles – although it seems that their flight path is in fact angular. It is as though they fly in one direction, then they suddenly stop and fly off in another. Each swarm develops its own speed and rhythm. And each swarm formsitself into an axis which is circled by the midges in both directions: a flying double-helix.
The swarms are made up of male midges aiming to attract females for mating.Attraction and courtshipoccurs by wing beat which differs between the male and female insects. Based on these characteristics a video and sound installation is to be developed.
  • aesthetics
    • acoustic
  • genres
    • sound art
      • sound installations
  • subjects
    • Nature and Environment
      • landscapes (environments)
  • technology
    • interfaces
      • biological sensors
Technology & Material
Installation Requirements / Space
The installation can be shown as an indoor installation with or without the camera. The camera can be shown outdoor during summer closed to rivers or lakes. But it can also be shown indoor. Then, a virtual world is shown on the screen in which the visitors can search for swarms of midges.

For the installation without the camera you need:

1 Linux-PC 3,2 GHz, 1 GB Ram, 3D-accelerated graphic card, soundcard (has to be shiped)
1 stand (has to be shiped)
1 Video Projectore
2 Soundboxes (activ)
For the camera the following material is needed:

Camera (special design, has to be shiped)
1 Linux-PC 3,2 GHz, approx. 1 GB Ram, mp2-encoder videocard, receiver
Switcher for loudspeakers
5 loudspeakers