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Blending into society, robots are now becoming more and more life-like. They are claiming to be acting as moral agents and have now the ability and desire to experiment social activities and pleasures.

Thus this rocking robot « Gaude Mihi » 2008 (literally entertain me, give me pleasure) which is self-balancing when its owner approaches, might just seek to generate its own amusement, therefore removing his participation and redefining the roles of the Toy and the Player. The functioning of this toy is not caused by the action of its owner but only by its presence and the generated pleasure is not dedicated to him.
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Technology & Material
toy robot dogs by French artist, France Cadet. Trained in fine art and electronics, Cadet buys computer robot dogs from China and reprograms them. Rather like a scientist dissecting a specimen, she cuts these computer animals in half, cuts of their feet and replaces them with the curved legs of a rocking chair, or removing their ears and grafting on her own purpose made fiberglass ears. Rather than begin again by building her own animal, she prefers to mould an perfect something that already exists. In this wasy she is refering to experiments that people have done with animals, taking particular inspriation from the cloning of Dolly the sheep. These dogs make noises and move around. But they don’t bark like normal dogs, they moo like a cow.