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The automobile is a fascinating machine. Since its inception the automobile has driven us faster and faster into the future. Carving out the modern world, it has done brilliantly, reproducing itself by the multi-millions. Along the way it has figured out how to control us, becoming one of the machines that we will give our lives to keep operating.

I developed Extruder as a response to this machine that we worship. I wanted to celebrate it. Criticize it. Emulate it. Making hundreds of Play-Doh cars. Millions. The ultimate goal of Extruder is to make the total number of automobiles that were made in 1947 (the year Henry Ford died) by the Ford motor company, an estimated 429,674. As you can imagine that is also a whole lot of Play-Doh; about 11 tons. Until May 11th 2008, Extruder will be making Play-Doh cars at the Mandeville Gallery at Union College in Schenectady, NY. When the next venue emerges to exhibits it, the process will continue.
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Extruder, 2008, Play-Doh, aluminum, electronics and arylic, size variable
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