Douce France

Olga Kisseleva

Douce France ,
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Douce France is in situ project for Abbey de Maubuisson.The Abbey appears to Olga Kisseleva as a paradigm of this “Douce France” she had dreamed in Russia. But her work is ironical, it draws up an image of a globalized world, dominated by capital and formatted by technology. Complexes and multiform, Kisseleva’s proposals translate with coherence a feeling of confusion and of alienation. But it reveals also a strong engagement to find a way to establish an energy exchange between all parts of actual society. The show takes a form of an work in progress which brings together science, philosophy, new forms of urban expressions, locative media and social network.


Douce France, Contemporary Art Centre Abbaye de Maubuisson, Saint-Ouen l’Aumone, France, 2007-2008 (solo show)


Catalog (pdf) /french & english/

Press release (pdf) /french/

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douce france

interactive installations, sculpture, video, graphic works