Global Interior Project

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Masaki Fujihata

Global Interior Project , ongoing
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"Global Interior Project" is an experimental art work using digital networking technology for realizing Networked Multi-User Virtual Environment which enables to share one virtual space with several people from different terminals. People can explore this virtual space by rolling a TrackBall at the terminal and meet and talk each other in this virtual space. Some other user, who is moving around in a same virtual space, is represented as an avator. The video image captured by the camera at the terminal is texture mapped on the surface of the avator. It realizes the ordinary functions of our daily communications by using digital networking technology. It is a model of our communication media and a model of the
world. The aim of this art work is giving a key to open their imagination for understanding a meta-mechanism of cyber space. By setting up special kinetic sculpture in real space, it made possible to back and forth between real and virtual space and in the virtual space in image of real space in a virtual space respectively. People would discover a metaphysics of reality by moving, acting, viewing and analizing these links, relations and differences in this art work."
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