• kirschner
    500 × 356
roots, 2005-2006

Glasstank, water, ironsulfate, copperwires, platinum, computer, sound system

The sculpture works in a cyclic way. Two thirds of the cycle it is active: a crystal object is growing and stretching in space. This can be experienced in the sound. The sculpture composes itself. The following passive dream phase makes up one third of the cycle. The object dissolves and falls apart while the tension slowly fades. One cycle lasts about three hours. Electricity is pulsed through the whole sculpture. It is the key to constant transformation. Growth changes the flow of the current. The modified flow changes the growth. The voltages at each wire are put through a resonance filter and are thus transformed into sound. The 4/4 pulse results in a sublime rhythm.
  • genres
    • performance art
      • computer performances
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    • Art and Science
      • scientific images
    • Body and Psychology
      • dreams
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