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Supported by: Mondriaan Foundation, Ámsterdam; Sign; Provincie Groningen A.I.R; Gemeente Groningen; Stichting Roode-of Burgerweeshuis; Stichting Emma Plein Foundation
  • aymeric
    500 × 326
aymeric mansoux / marloes de valk
, 2006-2010
Computer, dot matrix printer, chain paper and ink The source code of Hello Process! can be found at: http://gitorious.org/metabiosis/hello_process and it is sold under Public License GNU , version 2(GPL v2)
Hello Process! shows a machine doing what it does best: deleting, copying and moving blocks of data. The computer functions as it usually does, as a black box theatre of processes. The only output comes through the printer, giving us clues about the activity inside. A file of 128 blocks is created. In this file, each block can be occupied by a small piece of code. Every piece of code has its own strategy. Some try to conquer as many blocks as possible; others simply target one specific piece of code or an unsuspecting neighbour. Processes are put on a stage like actors in a machine theatre. Each piece of code has a descriptive name and displays behaviour to match.
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