Inherent Rights, Vision Rights

Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun
Source: Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun

Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun

Inherent Rights, Vision Rights , ongoing
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In the virtual-reality "Inherent Rights, Vision Rights" the participant explores a sacred ceremony in a traditional West Coast Native Canadian long house. The long house is occupied by music, fire and spirits, which the participant can interact with. Totem poles and native landscape surround the house, producing a space for meditation with virtual nature and culture.

In Yuxweluptun's virtual environment project there is no helmet, no way to seemingly escape the space you occupy. Instead a kiosk with a viewer, like an old-fashioned stereoscope, allows entry into the work. Once inside, the viewer experiences time. The time of walking from the outside to the inside. The time of listening to a dog. The time of hearing the roar of the fire as the wood burns. Time passes. And there is space. There is a door to enter, to define the outside of the longhouse from the iside. There are four walls and a roof. The smoke rises upward to exit out of the smokehole...
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