process 18

C.B. Reas

process 18 ,
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Courtesy: bitform gallery, Nueva York
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    767 × 517
c.e.b. reas
process 18, 2008
Text, unique custom software, documentation prints and CDs, computer, projector, wood panels; unique milled fiber composite; pair of unique C-Prints

Courtesy: bitforms gallery, Nueva York

The Process works explore geometric drawing systems that generate realtime images. Process 18 is a text that defines a process and a software interpretation of the text. It defines the form and behaviours of autonomous elements and the way those elements are visualised. Process 18 uses the line as a primary form. The process executes simultaneously on both sides; the elements (simple machines with behaviours) are exposed on the right
and the process surface generates on the left. The data created by Process 18 is used to produce a series of prints and objects. Object 1 and Object 2 are topographical reliefs that translate the gray values into threedimensional coordinates
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