la huella

  • adrian cuervo
    992 × 992
la huella, 2010

iMac, Quartz Composer, microphone, projector, 200 x 150 cm

La huella is a generative work that evolves in a loop of creation, adaptation and destruction. It is a reflection on survival and evolution in nature, a neverending process which tends to find an intermediate point of stability. Permeable to its surrounding environment, the work evolves in response to the behaviour of the visiting public. An absence of activity around it means that the graphic prints produced beforehand will be erased. Other external factors also leave an indelible trace. The work is an attempt to try to situate the spectators in the privileged position of observers of a reality to which we belong. It makes us aware that not all actions have instant and tangible effects, however decisive they might be
  • aesthetics
    • installation-based
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