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Courtes y: The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; Beall Center for Art and Technology at the University of California; National Science Foundation, Digital Society and Technologies Program, Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering, Santa Cruz Arts Research Institute; University of California, Santa Cruz Committee on Research; The News in the Future Consortium at the MIT Media Laboratory; Interval Research Corporation through an Interval Research Fellowship
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conversation map, 2000

Website built with the Java and Perl programming languages

Conversation Map summarises and visualises very large-scale conversations which take place online in mailing lists, list services, threaded blogs, or busy Usenet newsgroups, like those that can be found on Google groups. Used as a graphical browser, it provides participants a means to see social and semantic relations that emerge over the course of a large, public discussion. The project aims at picturing the public of the network society so that we can understand ourselves as a body political.
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