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Soul Of The City ,
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Thanks to AHRC creative fellowship at Goldsmiths digital studios. This artwork is from The Emergent City projects, a series of works about the interactive and generative city experience. Also special thanks to Thomas Hellesen who sorted the lingo for 3d.
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Soul Of The City By Stanza 2009 Enter Artwork online.

Version one. Version two. Version three.


Is the city truly emergent? Can the city be called an organism? If so, then what can be determined about the validity of the city experience in relation to its 'character', or 'soul', or spirit'?.

Le Corbusier suggested that a city has soul I want to find the Soul Of The City. Here my city "soul", is represented by live data feeds from my wireless sensor networks. This visualisation is showing the stressed city space. The changing parameters are what changes in the city; ie the temperature, light, noise data and chemical changes.

This artwork is made by monitoring the urban landscape and its online counterpart, in ordermake interpretive media art work. The objective is to find some shared understandings of the nature of the 'emotional city' and its measurable sensory 'behaviours'.

The experience of the city.

Exhibition: Available for exhibitions. email: stanza at


Keywords: networked, generative, installation, artwork,

Technology: Wireless sensor network.
Exhibited as a triptych and projected large at SXSW Austin Texas 2009 for Living Systems at The Palmer Events Centre.

Exhibited at Test Portal gallery 2010 in Netherlands .

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