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facade presents the emotional real time state of the city of Trondheim is by using live data, and CCTV images to represent the Nova Building as a living breathing entity.
This proposal has won the Nova Folkets Hus facade international juried competition and is now in development. This AOF Nova facade utilizes, electronic art, new digital media, interactive technology, dynamic real time solutions, and networked space to create responsive architecture that reflects the emotional real time state of the city of Trondheim by UK artist Stanza.
I will add to this site over the next year and show open process, development, productions, and results as they happen
This interactive responsive architecture with blue skies thinking, linked to the culture of AOF Nova building within the city of Tronheim, Norway. The objective is for the Nova building to become the focus and the centre of a new social space harvesting data and information from across the city.
The facade presents the emotional real time state of the city of Trondheim is by using live data, and CCTV images to represent the Nova Building as a living breathing entity.
This innovative blue sky vision integrates the Nova building within the city, via virtual means and locates it within the global online network. We are literally putting the building on the internet and at the centre of a new social space. This exciting proposal is matched by the AOF history and future vision. The proposal will create open source data and new virtualised space that reflects on deeper social questions about public buildings that are key to our understanding of the world in the 21st century.
This is achieved by meeting the Folkets Hus aims which is "to create an intriguing and energy efficient facade, where architecture, technology, and art interact".
The Public Domain facade for Nova will become an innovative attraction in the city integrating digital art, live data,the city and the public. The building will not only act as an identity marker for Chicagoan Square in particular and the city in general but also internationally.
Stanza aims to give The Filets Huns cultural Centrex a dynamic facade, mirroring the dynamic activities taking place within the building. The facade will be future proofed and adaptable to change in response to new needs and desires, this will be achieved by making the hardware open to future use by other artists.
Energy targets:
The facade will meet defined energy requirements regarding heat transfer and sun screening.
Environmental targets: The facade will meet defined environmental requirements in terms of materials and products used. The founders of the AOF have dared to think bigger and long-term, and created a house and a concept that lived for about 50 years. In the late 90's decided the owners decided to implement a revitalization of buildings and develop a new concept that venue in Rodham. There is a tradition at the AOF to think long term and visionary. The owners have also dared to be visionary today. NOVA is the premier facility in Norway when it comes to the link between cinema and course and conference activities. This is a technology-driven collaboration. This ambition is reflected in the Stanza's equally ambitious but realizable concepts and designs.
In accordance with the brief of the competition I have described how the proposed design can be further developed and installed (including a description of the technologies involved) and links and external suppliers who have offered endorsements.
A budget for the installation process has been suggested at 300,000 euros stated in email correspondence.
However it is not clear what the parameters of this budget is for. Nor is is clear at this stage what technologies are in place inside the building. Therefore I have limited the budget and the technical information at this stage. Please have in mind that the media skin is modular, scalable and future proofed therefore it can be adapted to other uses and can be costed by the square metre (to meet any available budget) so only part of the facade could be used or all of it.
Integrated Art
The new facades face Cicignon Square, Krambugata and Kattveita, and includes the main entrance to the hotel and the cinema and congressional centre. Folkets Hus has undergone significant renovation in recent years. The first stage is now complete, and included renovating five floors to house a combined hotel and cinema and congressional centre. AØF is currently establishing a new glass facade, whose energy efficient and environmentally friendly focus lends a technical and aesthetically pleasing solution to the renovation, establishing the new facade as a positive element in the urban landscape.
Building plans so far include a double glass front, spanning approx. 1300 m2. If applicable, the facade art may utilize the space between the glazing and the old facade for technical installations.
Artistic Concepts
I have been working towards using my research and ideas with live data and live CCTC as a facade for over ten years.
- Here is a more detailed proposal based on the initial concepts.
- Please note I have used the whole facade as sketches but costs may allow a part or side to be done.
- My objective is to realize my ambition to use live real time data within the fabric of architecture.
There are three strands of my working process; these involve
(1) collecting data,
(2) visualizing the data, and then
(3) displaying the data from the city of Trondheim.
The outputs from the online interfaces and online visualizations have been realized as real time dynamic artworks as diverse as installations, and real objects, made out of new display materials back in physical space, and in this case the building itself.
I am trying to create new metaphors relevant to the experience of the city and the environment of the city by investigating these real time data structures. The patterns we make, the visual and imaginative interpretations we give to real world events, are already being networked into retrievable data structures that can be re-imagined and source for information. These patterns disclose new ways of seeing the world. The value of gathering and re-presenting this data in artistic form, and then analyzing its impact and influence, lies in making meaning accessible to a wider audience.
The facade aesthetics will provide the building and surrounding area with a sense of identity and represent a positive contribution to the urban landscape. It will do this by utlilsing data in real time from the city of Trondheim.
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