All you can see
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Carlos Katastrofsky

All you can see ,
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Duration: approx. 8 days
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With common video formats, almost 17 million different colours can theoretically be represented on the screen today. If these are shown all at once, a condensation in pure white is generated in the digital picture production.
Translated into a timebased work the video all you can see (2008) shows all that is possible: Countless different colours are lined up linearly with a rate of 25 pictures per second in single frames and result in an 8dayslong changing process from black to white und thus from colourlessness to absolute condensation. The extension of the material, perceptible for the
viewer as monochrome representation, references to the colour field painting of Abstract Expressionism. In this video
production, the subject is dispended and colour is employed purely for its own sake. Theories
that have been known for a long time from art history about the end of painting find their way into digital media. The method: restriction, reduction and concentration in the form of
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Technology & Material
all you can see (2008)

title: all you can see
year: 2008
video on custom made computer
duration: 11185 min