Remote Impressionist Art

Carlos Katastrofsky

Remote Impressionist Art ,
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Computer, screen, program,
Dimensions variable
  • krgl impressionist
    500 × 200
Generative art "en plain air": In four squares appearing on the computer screen the viewers of remote impressionist art (2006) see cutouts from heaven above not closer defined places on this world: grey, blue, black white and every shading you can think of in between. The quality of light and colour of the framed pictures changes every ten seconds. In the ternetbased
work remote impressionist art on the one hand the variability of the matter light in a digital surrounding is taken into consideration, on the other hand the principles of Impressionism are honoured and internet art is positioned in an art historical context. The user encounters a process of reversing: Natural light caught by surveillance cameras is transferred into artificial light by computer aided processes. The focus is the contemplative effect of the colours and the possibility to view in real time the generating of new "impressions" every ten seconds.
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Technology & Material
remote impressionist artwork (2006)

title: remote impressionist artwork
year: 2006
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