Objects of desire

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Carlos Katastrofsky

Objects of desire ,
Co-workers & Funding
Computer, Shellscript, Bildschirm
Ca. 50x30x15 cm
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shellscript on custom made computer
white standard typography on black background

In short intervals, a text sequence appears on the screen of a transparent object with the promising

Sentence by sentence, second by second, with each new beginning a new number and thus, a new piece of art, that is concluded by the words you own me now until you forget about me. The basis of the work is the search for determining parameters for digital art, for their role in the art business and – even more general – for the authorship of artistic works: Is it necessary to touch it and own it at first, in order to define art as such, or is a consecutive number sufficient in order to speak of an original: 1101, 1102, 1103? The self-constructed computer – thus, the transparent object (of desire) – contributes on a formal level its share to the transfer of text-based and ephemeral characteristics of net-art into real space.

exhibited at:

05/12-07/12 2008 interference, mikrogalleriet, Copenhagen, Denmark
10/16-11/15 2008 YOU OWN ME NOW UNTIL YOU FORGET ABOUT ME., Galerija Miklova Hisa, Ribnica, Slovenia.
05/16-06/17 2008 YOU OWN ME NOW UNTIL YOU FORGET ABOUT ME., Mala Galerija (Moderna galerija Ljubljana / Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana), Ljubljana, Slovenia.
06/10-19/10 2007 stimulus/response, Projektraum Sonnensegel, Vienna, Austria
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Technology & Material
objects of desire (2005-2008)

title: objects of desire
year: 2005-2008
shellscript on custom made computer