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Carlos Katastrofsky

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shellscript on custom made printerserver/printer combination, modified software on server.

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  • katastrofsky
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Only through two narrow slots white endless paper slides through abrown box, at least every ten minutes a message appears:"No communication on this channel", date and time. Listening but not talking and if talking then only once. that way communication only works if one has to say something tuly meanngful, chattin is impossible. Last Wishes is a modification of a mailinglist-software named "Mailman". By subscribing to this communicatiion -platform on the net users ave the ossibility to receive texts of the other participants. But by deciding to also write their opinion or even to react on one of the previous postings they have to think well over it: only once the send-button an be pushed and by this one is automatially unsubscribed from this service. meanwhile the brown box in he exhibition space is unremittingly rumbling on, at least every ten minutes and in between from time to time a meaningful message, maybe.
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Technology & Material
lastwishes materialized (2007-08)

title: lastwishes materialized
year: 2007-2008
shellscript on custom made printerserver/printer combination