Autotelematic Spider Bots

Ken Rinaldo
Source: Ken Rinaldo

Ken E. Rinaldo

Autotelematic Spider Bots , ongoing
  • Autotelematic Spider Bots
    350 × 263
  • Autotelematic Spider Bots
    640 × 480
Artificial Life Robotic Sculpture Series
The Autotelematic Spider Bots 2006, is a new artificial life robotic installation. It consists of 10 spider-like sculptures that interact with the public in real-time and self-modify their behaviors, based on their interaction with the viewer, themselves, their environment and their food source.
The Auto telematic Spider Bots installation is an artificial life chimera; a robotic spider, eating and finding its food like an ant, seeing like a bat with the voice of an electronic twittering bird.
The spider bots see participants in the installation with long distance ultrasonic eyes at the end of a springy antennae-like neck. The ultrasonic eyes at the end of this antennae allow the robots to see out to a distance of 3-4 meters and allow human interaction.
  • aesthetics
    • installation-based
    • multi-user
  • genres
    • robotic art
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    • Art and Science
      • dynamical systems
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