What will come (Has already come)

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William Kentridge

What will come (Has already come) ,
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This installation features the debut of an important new addition to the SCMA collection, “What Will Come” (2006), a major film by the South African artist William Kentridge. One of the most innovative aspects of Kentridge’s work is his hand-drawn films. “What Will Come” takes its title from a Ghanaian proverb: “What will come has already come," a sentiment reflected in the imagery of the film, which speaks to the range of conflicts that have marked modern human history. This work also displays Kentridge’s keen interest in optics. The film is projected from the ceiling onto a round metal table which bears a polished circular column in its center. The images are reflected on the surface of the column, which corrects the perspective of the drawing for the viewer. The images circumnavigate this column, changing form as they move to a haunting musical track.

(Source: Museum für Gegenwartskunst Siegen)
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