Reporters With Borders
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Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

Reporters With Borders ,
Co-workers & Funding
Conroy Badger - programming
Stephan Schulz, Natalie Bouchard, Olfa Driss - production support
Alejandro Blazquez, Santiago Fabregas - video capture
  • Reporters with borders
    640 × 399
A high resolution interactive display that simultaneously shows 864 video clips of news anchors taken from TV broadcasts in the United States and Mexico. As the viewer stands in front of the piece his or her silhouette is shown on the display and within it reporters begin to talk. Every 5 minutes the piece switches the video clips — from a database of 1600— and classifies them along gender, race and country, so that for instance on the left there are only American reporters and on the right only Mexicans.

The piece exists as a small "shadow box" version and as a large-scale projection room. A C-print lightjet edition also exists.
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