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Co-workers & Funding
Special thanks to Steve Waldeck, Dr. William Dam, Anna Yu, and Carlos Fadon.
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A-positive, a dialogical event created by Ed Bennett and myself, probes the delicate relationship between the human body and emerging new breeds of hybrid machines that incorporate biological elements and from these elements extract sensorial or metabolic functions. The work creates a situation in which a human being and a robot have direct physical contact via an intravenous needle connected to clear tubing and feed one another in a mutually nourishing relationship. To the new category of hybrid biological robots we ascribe the general epithet "biobots" . Because of its use of human red blood cells, the biobot created for A-positive is termed a "phlebot".

Eduardo Kac
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Technology & Material
In A-positive, red blood cells carry oxygen from the lungs to tissues,

and then provide the remaining oxygen to the biobot. The biobot extracts the oxygen

to support a fragile and erratic flame (above). Since the oxygen content of each person

is different, each individual dialogue with the biobot will yield a unique flame

with differentiated behavior and life span.