Elastic Fax 1

Eduardo Kac
Source: Eduardo Kac

Eduardo Kac

Elastic Fax 1 ,
Co-workers & Funding
realization: Museu de Arte Moderna, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Elastics Fax n1
    2224 × 1182
  • Elastic Fax
    2182 × 1182
  • Elastic Fax I, 1991 (detail).Fragment of 30-meter (99 feet) long fax roll created collectivelly through the Elastic Fax I network
    504 × 343
Elastic Fax I, created by Eduardo Kac, was realized at the Museu de Arte Moderna, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1991. Artists worldwide were invited to transmit sequences of images to form a self-editing faxfilm. Sequences were added automatically in the order received. The entire 30-meter (99 feet) roll of thermal fax paper was used uncut and displayed in one piece on a wall at the Museum. As the viewer walked by this telematic scroll, he became a moving projector, thus animating the faxfim strip.
  • aesthetics
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    • interactive
    • telematic
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    • telematic art
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      • non-electronic displays
Technology & Material
Eduardo Kac, Elastic Fax I, 1991 (detail).
Fragment of 30-meter (99 feet) long fax roll created collectivelly through the Elastic Fax I network.
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