Earth day impromtu
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Eduardo Kac

Earth day impromtu ,
Co-workers & Funding
Carlos Fadon and Irene Faiguenboim
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EarthDay Impromptu (1990) was an event organized collaboratively. It included artists Eduardo Kac, Carlos Fadon and Irene Faiguenboim (Chicago) and Bruce Breland of the DAX Group of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, among other artists in different American cities and various countries (Australia, Austria, Brazil, Israel, Portugal, England, France and Canada). All participating artists worked together in an improvised ecological celebration. In EarthDay Impromptu, both fax and slow-scan television were used for the generation and exchange of images.
  • aesthetics
    • interactive
    • real-time
    • visual
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    • Media and Communication
      • television
    • Nature and Environment
      • ecology
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Technology & Material

Fax sent by Eduardo Kac, Carlos Fadon and Irene Faiguenboim from Chicago to artists in several cities worlwide. The image was created and sent in real time, in response to the flux of audiovisual messages that circulated through the EarthDay Impromptu network.
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