The Telepresence Garment

Anna Yu
© ; Anna Yu

Eduardo Kac

The Telepresence Garment ,
  • The teleborg and the telerobot Ornitorrinco
    462 × 425
  • Online telepresence work with wireless telerobotic clothes. sk-interfaces exhibition at FACT, Liverpool
    1972 × 2957
  • telepresence
    549 × 359
  • kac
    269 × 397
I first conceived the Telepresence Garment in 1995 to investigate the notion of the mediascape as an expanded cloth; i.e., to consider wireless networking as a new fabric that envelops the body. The Garment, which I finished in 1996, gives continuation to my development of telepresence art. This time, however, instead of a robot hosting a human, we find the roboticized human body itself converted into a host. The Garment was designed as an interactive piece to be worn by any local participant willing to allow his or her body to be engaged by others remotely.
  • aesthetics
    • immersive
    • interactive
    • mobile
    • performative
    • uncanny
  • subjects
    • Body and Psychology
      • bodies (animal components)
      • embodiment
    • Technology and Innovation
      • telepresence
Technology & Material
The Garment is divided into three components. The Transceiver Hood (pictured here) has a CCD attached to a circuit board, both sewed to the leather hood on the left side, and an audio receiver sewed on the right side. The CCD is lined up with the wearer's left eye. Underneath the Garment, the wearer dons in direct contact with the skin what I call a Transmitter Vest, which is wired to the Hood and which enables wireless transmission of 30 fps color video from the point of the view of the wearer's left eye. Enveloping the body is an opaque Limbless Suit, so called because one can't stand or stretch one's arms, temporarily reducing or eliminating the functionality of the limbs.
Cloth, textile, CCD, transmitter vest
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