Landing Home in Geneva
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Digital video installation

The project was initiated with prof.Jean-Louis Boissier and Daniel Pinkas and produced with Haute Ecole d'arts appliques de Geneva, and was shown at the Centre pour L'image Contemporarie, Saint Gervais Geneva.

Masaki interviewed 7 professional interpreters who were born outside Geneva and later moved to Geneva for some reason. They left their home land, but kept their mother tongue. All interviews started at their home or apartment and ended at a place where they felt comfortable or wished to invite Masaki. Content focuses the place and the border between country and language and video interviews are ranged according to the geographical positions which were collected by GPS.

This is the first time to use Panoramic lens for video recording and is projecting a cylinder shape in the cyberspace. Of course the cylinder shakes, moves, travels along the movement of the camera man and he can not escape from being recorded. It arises several philosophical problems along eye gaze, vanishing point, and projection.
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