Desire of Codes

Source: Seiko Mikami
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  • Desire of Codes
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In an information-oriented society, the encoding of individual information occurs immediately, almost as fast as the satisfaction of a desire. Our consumption habits, our criminal history, our chronic diseases, even our photographs taken by a security camera - all are stored in bar codes, assimilating them to the physical ID of the DNA.
What happens if the DNA merges with the code? What happens to the bar code itself, when merged with our physical ID?
In this interactive installation, the barcode following individual desire is made visible by a group of moving sculptures fixed on the wall.
The sculptures, made of human skin-like silicone on which a barcode is carved, react to the audience following its own movement, thus showing the strict connections between human and computerized body.
(...) A matrix of sensors, mini lightspots and surveillance cameras are arranged across the space and followthe movements of the visitors.

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