As Falling Falls

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As Falling Falls is a double interactive video projection using high resolution video projectors and two computers with a remote visual sensing system for viewer interaction.
On each screen is visible a number of dancers of the Stephen Petronio Dance Company. Petronio himself is featured as an upside down figure on one of the screens. Each dancer is individually interactive, with the audience and with each other.
The piece uses object oriented and behavioural programming techniques.
The work also incorporates a large scale interactive sound space composed and designed by Stuart Jones.
The sound is composed of heavily reworked audio samples of the original rehearsals and video shoot of the dance company (at the Trisha Brown Studios in New York).
The sound uses a bank of six samplers and twenty four speakers.

The title refers to both the physical act of falling (the work was installed in an aerial space, along each side of a walkway some 6 metres off the ground) and to the Biblical story of The Fall. (source:
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Technology & Material
Installation Requirements / Space
As Falling Falls

Site specific interactive digital video projection environment 60 x 18 x 6 metres
2 large scale video projections, black and white, multi-channel interactive sound
In collaboration with Stephen Petronio (choreography) and Stuart Jones (sound)

Produced by David Metcalfe Associates, Newcastle, UK 1996.
Commissioned for The Metrocentre, Newcastle, UK 1996 as part of Electric Dance.
Funded by the Arts Council of England.