Mark Napier
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Mark Napier

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This work needs time. Time to stand, sit or lie in front of your (computer) screen and look at the ongoing disintegration of the never ending Google image search.
The result of this disintegration are abstract moving images, which run across the screen in a seemingly endless current. After a while, you may begin to see small figurines or other objects. You may want to play music as a soundtrack to this graphic animation.
The images (such as a map of the USA for the keyword USA) we can read and understand are dissolved into a rhythmic array of pixels, which show the digitality of these images. The information contained in them becomes obsolete as their only function left is to feed the graphic animation with data we can no longer understand.
Napier's work addresses questions of our Information Age by transforming textual and visual information into a flow of beautiful , abstract arrays of digital data and pixels.
  • aesthetics
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    • immaterial
    • time-based
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Technology & Material
Java Applet
Google Image Search with SEO Spider Crawl Software based on Napier's previous work "FEED"