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FEED consumes the web. A play on the technical term "data feed", FEED does not supply information, it consumes information, reducing structure, meaning and content to a stream of text and pixels. An anti-browser, FEED unravels the web. Contemplative and meditative where the web is commercial and raucous, homogeneous where the web is varied, visual where the web is textual, FEED strips away the distracting veneer of content in an automated, machine driven search for the underlying beauty of the web.

FEED works on the principle of a web 'spider', an automated process that searches the web, reading information from web pages, then following the links that it finds to load more pages and continue it's search. Given a URL as input, FEED will read every byte of text and images contained in the tree of web pages starting at that URL. In the case of a site with many links, such as yahoo.com, FEED may read indefinitely.
(source: http://feed.projects.sfmoma.org/feedloader.html)
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