Eduction: AlienWithin

Marcos Novak, Marcos Lutyens
Source: Marcos Novak, Marcos Lutyens

Marcos Novak

Eduction: AlienWithin , ongoing
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And so Eduction: the "alien within", as a hybrid architecture of real and virtual, as performance, as installation and concert, opens the horizon of virtual worlds capable of interacting at the deepest levels of mental activity of the surfing subject. Once again, Eduction calls for time, because the process which it has begun will certainly not end today, nor tomorrow, but rather calls for a patient process of coding and decoding. This is an exciting but extremely complex task. The aim is to elaborate, in scientific and technical terms, a process of interaction and circularity between space and mind, or between the psychophysical activity of a subject within a space and the metamorphosis of this space, in real time. In other words, the ultimate aim is to mirror a space different from all others: the individual's space of mind.
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