Another Time, Another Space

Toshio Iwai

Another Time, Another Space ,
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Another Time, Another Space (1993) is an interactive installation devised for Antwerp Central Station, Belgium. The installation used 15 video cameras to capture live images of visitors to the station; 30 computers manipulated the video feeds output to 30 video monitors in real-time, introducing visual effects such as time-lapse delays, slow-motion effects and time compression.

Toshio Iwai about Another Time, Another Space: "This is an installation which I exhibited in Antwerp Central Station for the EC Japan Feest for cultural exchange between Japan and Belgium (1993). The installation featured 15 video cameras, 30 computers, 30 video monitors, and a videodisk recorder. The comings and goings of people through the station were filmed by the cameras, and were manipulated in real-time by the computer to deform shape, time reference, and showing a different time-space environment on each monitor.

With tens of thousands of people passing through this public space every day, I wanted to make a piece with a highly participatory aspect which with anyone could easily interact and perform. A great many people, regardless of age or sex, stood before the installation and played with it, far exceeding any expectations of my expectations. It was very rewarding."
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