Jordan Crandall

Heatseeking , ongoing
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The six video segments in Jordan Crandall's installation Heatseeking were shot with a diverse array of technologies, including surveillance apparatuses used by the U.S. Border Patrol to search out and capture illegal immigrants crossing over from Mexico, then digitally edited and supplemented with computer effects. Heatseeking suggests, in the artist's words, "an observing network at work," capturing erotic and occasionally violent scenarios set at various locations in the San Diego-Tijuana area. "The border," notes Crandall, "is usually located 'out there' in the landscape-it's something looming large at the Calif./Mex division, surrounded with an arsenal of military presence. But my use of the military technology is to take that 'in here' -into the personal, into the touch, into the very structure of seeing. And with that, to resist the one-way 'invasive' stereotype of new technologies, because there are also new vectors of pleasure." In Crandall's work, eros is never far from paranoia as we wonder who is seeing and who is being seen in this disorienting world of night vision and impossible points of view. (Lawrence Rinder)
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