David Link

Co-workers & Funding
ECHOHCE is a project for a singer and a machine generating text. The singer speaks the title of a song to be generated into a microphone. A speech recognition software translates the words into text and sends it to the Poetry Machine. The software answers by generating a stream of associations that are related to the topic. They are displayed to the singer as they evolve. He selects the lyrics that seem meaningful to him and performs them. Eventually, words in his performance trigger new association processes that again feed back to the singer. The singer and the machine form a poetic, generative feedback loop. The speech output of Poetry Machine might contribute to the musical environment. Rhyming and rhythm are to be discussed. The musical background has to be open enough to deal with the unexpectedness that is an essential part of this project.

Jamie Lidell, voc.
FM Einheit, div. percussive and nonpercussive instruments
Saskia von Klitzing, dr.
Volker Kamp, b.
David Link, text generators

Technology & Material