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Infected is about the nature of the physical body in the context of future possibilities, and the new status of the corporeal body seen through dance and digitally manipulated imagery. The new bio-engineered body is still sexual, stark, brutal, organic, pounding bloody system with rippling tendons. It is beautiful and repulsive, indulgent, curious emotional, un/controlled, breeding, changing....
Infected is a collaboration between improvising dancer, Iona Kewney and film-maker/digital artist Gina Czarnecki. Over a period of 18 months they have developed a particular style of directing, camera and image processing to create a unique approach to integrate dance with camera. Much of Czarnecki's work has been concerned with the body - the visceral, biological and emotive body and the politics of the body in relation to new technologies. It fundamentally involves, confronts and excludes the audience.
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