Panoramic Acceleration

Marnix de Nijs
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Marnix De Nijs

Panoramic Acceleration , ongoing
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In simple terms Panoramic Acceleration is an interactive experience where the physical body and visual perception is subjected to extreme rotational movement. The participant sits in a racing car seat on a motorized revolving arm and focuses on a screened video projection which simultaneously circulates with him. The seat is fixed above the main axis of the rotating arm and therefore always remains directly opposite the screen. The projection shows a mix of two identical video loops depicting the transitory urban environment. The speed of one loop is determined in advance, while the other is controlled by a joystick placed in the hands of the participant. In order to stabilize the complete image, they attempt to synchronize the speed of their own rotation with that of the pre-programmed loop. Only when the two image layers coincide with each others position and velocity, will the participant gain control over the situation. This results in a sensation of visual equilibrium and introduces stability and repose to the overall experience. The over-exaggerated dynamics of Panoramic Acceleration teamed with the human influence emphasizes the precarious balance of machine, image and body in time and reflects a possible solution in an ever increasing tempo-driven society.

Panoramic Acceleration is in co-operation with MonteVideo/TBA (Amsterdam). Software development: MonteVideo/TBA Artlab (Amsterdam). Panoramic Acceleration is based on experiences during the CTL ‘98 experiments organized by Times_Up Organisation in Linz.

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