ADA - Anarquitetura do Afeto (Anarchitecture of Affection)

Simone Michelin
© computer-aided system (live image), architectural intervention, collaborative action and surveillance cameras. ; Simone Michelin

Simone Michelin

ADA - Anarquitetura do Afeto (Anarchitecture of Affection) ,
Co-workers & Funding
System programmers: Marcelo Reis, Daniel Kau / Kau Entertainment
Funding: Itau Cultural Institute
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ADA consists in a device that captures sounds and images from every day activities of Itaú Cultural Center processes this data and give it back to the street. The most visible interface of ADA is a conic white construction that is integrated in the facade of the building facing Ave. Paulista.
Inside the institute, 4 places called Œzones¹ and 4 Œagents¹ are part of the proposition too. Equipment of surveillance and investigation is used to capture audio and video. 3 employees of the cultural center wear micro cameras and 1 camera is in the presidency¹s office in the 7º floor. The captured data is sent to the processing center, where a system combines VJ and electronic music softwares, treats the received real time material and mixes it with a databank of pre-recorded material sending the result back to the outdoors structure in the street.
What happens then is an always-changing organic work that depends on chance and choices to be formed at each moment. We could see it as being at the same time system and fluxus This proposition points to the logic of the living systems according to Chilean biologist Humberto Maturana that stresses the idea that whenever there is a meeting, an encounter, some structural transformation occurs in the system, so in this way, we could think that reality is built on these encounters and negotiation.
ADA demonstrates that things are the result of a chain of events based on desire, affection, chance, choices, which in turn are based in models, paradigms that are shaped structured according again to desires affection etc

The title is an homage to ADA LOVELACE (1815- 1852), daughter of the romantic poet Lord Byron with Anne Isabelle Milwake, whose short life was defined as an apotheosis of fight between reason and emotion, subjectivism and objectivism, poetics and mathematics, fragile health and brilliant energy. She studied mathematics and music and collaborates with Charles Babbage in the development of the Analytical Machine, a kind of calculator that has all the principles of a computer, she was considered the first computer programmer (Manovich, 2001:22). She called herself an analyst and metaphysics.

obs.: due to security reasons and internal organizatinal rules the camera at the director's office was forbidden and then moved to the bottom of the conic structure outdoors; at the entrance door, the zone 1 of the project,, the security guard was not allowed to wear ADA's capture device kit and it has to be substituted by a simulation - an static manequin.

(Source: Hompage S. Michelin)
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